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Booking via Email is our preferred method using our contact us form or using our face book page

When booking your vehicle in, please make sure that you have sufficient fuel in the tank, half a tank is preferred so as the car can regen as and when it needs to.

Also if you could have the maintenance records available so that we can check the vehicle has been maintained as per specification.

You will be asked to fill out a disclaimer which can be found on the site and we will usually  email it to you once booking is confirmed.

If you could read the disclaimer (any questions please ask and we will happily answer them) and as long as you are happy, please print the document, fill in and either scan and email back or bring it with you when dropping the car off.




Whilst we take the greatest of care when repairing your vehicle there is always risk involved there are some things which are out of our hands.

Before starting the clean we will carry out a full fault code read and some basic health checks including live data (where possible) to make sure your engine is in good enough health to carry out the DPF clean. We cannot be held responsible for any failures and cannot assess the DPF structure, our checks are limited by issues such as

● Fault codes being deleted and not declared to us

● Missed timing belt and service intervals

● Poor maintenance inc oil quality

● Other underlying issues

Diagnostics for DPF issues is £55 plus VAT for 1 hours fault finding once diagnostics has been carried out we will contact you with an estimate for repair

If we feel your car is not in a suitable condition we may not carry out the clean.

DPF’s operate at extremely high temps and as always there is a risk of fire.

DPF cleaning carries no guarantee as it is often down to driving style, maintenance and ignoring engine warning lights, we do our best to educate and bring this to our Customers attention and you will be offered advice on how best to look after your DPF filter.

Our three stage clean can only clean soot & not ash, we can clean off car to remove ash.

We accept absolutely no responsibility for any mechanical, electrical or any other failures during or after our cleaning process, this is carried out at your own risk.

Replying to this email implies you have read and understood this document and give consent for us to carry out a DPF clean.

Please include any information we should be aware of.

Please make sure your vehicle has at least half a tank of diesel.


This disclaimer can be downloaded from the link below


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