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Here at Surrey DPF cleaning we dont just carry out a quick clean, reset your warning lights and send you on your way.... its much more detailed than that.

First things first we will ask the driver a few questions, how long has the warning light been on, when was the vehicle last serviced and driving styles, etc, we then Carry out a Diagnostics check on the vehicle and find out if it has any fault codes stored in the ECU. We check and log live data using our genuine diagnostics systems, and we will look at pressures both pre and post DPF, manually and electronically checking to compare the two, soot and ash contents will be measured and logged.

If any parts are needed then the customer is informed and an estimate is given. 

There is usually a reason why the DPF is clogging up hence the in depth diagnostics, once the system is working correctly we will then carry out the clean using our three stage chemical solution.

Once the clean has been carried out, a test drive will be carried out and all data will be logged again and compared to pre clean data.

ECU data will be reset and the car will be test driven, a fuel additive will be added as and when required, and once we are happy all is well the car will be returned and driver will be told whats been done and some advice on keeping the system in top shape.

Our Simple 4 Stage Process


Whether you're coming in for a routine inspection or a repair service, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with our work. 

DPF's can be complicated so we aim to provide you a no nonsence, honest approach to these issues.

With our 4 step process we make it as simple as we can.

Step 1 : Use the Contact Us form to get in touch, giving as much detail as possible and any specified dates so we can try and work with you and your schedule.

Step 2 : We will email you back and give you our availability that we can take your car in to run a Diagnostics session.   In this session, we will check your car over to help gain an insight into the problem/s.

Step 3 : Drop your car to our workshop in Lower Kingswood for your scheduled appointment.  We will run the Diagnostic check as agreed to find out the cause of your DPF issue is.  We will put together an estimate and provide a time scale to give you an idea of how quickly we plan to resolve your problem.  

Step 4. On your agreement, we will go ahead with repair/s and notify you as soon as the job is complete.

Our Quality Promise


We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our workshop only uses parts from reputable brands to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive.

We aim to get your car in tip top working order, sometimes DPF issues can take a little longer than your average repair and your patience is always appreciated as we like to make sure that we get things right first time.

Please take the time to watch a quick video explaining the process via the youtube link below

Ford Transit having its DPF cleaned.


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Please download disclaimer signed and dated when you bring in your car.

latest dpf disclaimer with prices - Copy (docx)


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